Exhibition Opportunities

The Board of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) cordially invites your company to exhibit at the 2018SAEEC Conference.  The Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation Conference (2018SAEEC Conference) together with the exhibition targets the complete spectrum of technologies and services of great importance to our delegates in attendance, including:
  • Renewable and alternative energy.
  • Combined heat & power / cogeneration / distributed generation.
  • Lighting efficiency.
  • HVAC systems and controls.
  • Integrated building automation & energy management.
  • Thermal storage and load management.
  • Boilers and combustion controls.
  • Demand Side Management.
  • Solar and fuel cell technologies.
  • Energy services and project financing.
  • Applications to National Energy Management programs.
  • Bio fuels.

Who you will meet at the 2018SAEEC Conference:

  • Building Owners & Managers.
  • Energy Engineers & Managers.
  • Certified Energy Managers.
  • Certified Building Commissioning Professionals.
  • Facility Managers.
  • Plant Engineers & Managers.
  • Industrial/Commercial/Institutional Purchasing Agents.
  • Government Facility Managers & Engineers.
  • Corporate Directors.
  • Energy Project Developers.
  • Energy Service Professionals.
  • Utility Professionals.
  • Certified Energy Procurement Professionals.
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineers.
  • Facility & Maintenance Engineers.
  • Electrical/Mechanical Contractors.
  • Commercial/Industrial Developers.
  • Architects, Designers, & Consultants.
  • Energy Management & Controls.
  • High-Efficiency Lighting & Electrical.
  • High-Performance HVAC & Building Systems.
  • Boilers & Combustion Controls.
  • Combined Heat & Power/Distributed Generation.
  • Solar/Photovoltaic Products.
  • Fuel Cell Technologies.
  • Wind Power Systems.
  • Biomass & Waste-To-Energy Systems.
  • Other Renewable Energy Products & Services.
  • High-Performance Building Materials.
  • Environmental & Conservation.
  • Energy Services & Project Financing.


The 2018SAEEC Conference exhibition hall will be packed with decision-makers that you and your organisation cannot reach at any other single event.  Assure your product team a prominent location by reserving your space at the exhibition.




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The SAEEC is a proud chapter of the AEE.