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Mission of SAEE is to be an energy efficiency coordinating body and a driver of networking, information dissemination, and awareness creation in all energy efficiency matters.


Energy efficiency and excellence through networking, capacity building and empowerment.

Who does the SAEE represent?

The SAEE represents the following:

  • Energy end users (industry, commercial, residential)
  • Energy service providers and professionals
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Researchers and developers in energy efficiency
  • Energy training providers

With whom does the SAEE interact?

The SAEE interacts with the following stakeholders:
  • Energy suppliers
  • Energy end-users
  • Energy service providers and professionals
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Researchers and developers
  • Government and policy makers
  • Energy training institutions
  • Other associations

What are the main activities / services provided by the association?

The SAEE main activities include but are not limited to:

  • Organizing technical events mainly for information dissemination.
  • Participate and organize public events to create more awareness on energy efficiency.
  • Organize annual banquet and awards function to recognize excellence in energy efficiency practice.
  • Engage actively in proposing / implementing accreditation for energy efficiency training.
  • Interact in a complimentary manner with other associations that are also interested in energy efficiency.
  • Promote energy efficiency initiatives.
  • Facilitate energy training and capacity building at all levels.
  • Promote good citizenship in energy management.
  • Establishment of a youth and equity programme aimed at delivering energy managers and professionals of the future.

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