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Previous Energy Award Winners

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Previous Energy Award Winners

The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE) Awards Programme annually recognizes outstanding accomplishments of individuals and companies in the energy industry.

Energy Company of the Year, 2011

This award is given to a Company who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in the energy industry in Southern Africa during the year.

Andrea Barausse initially began, in 2004, working with energy saving in Industrial Lighting projects. This was accomplished through the Eskom DSM lighting division. Andrea worked in joint venture with Magnet Electrical Supplies, wherein he initiated the energy auditing for these Lighting projects. Their successful 90 accuracy to date bears testimony to this. In 2008, Andrea created the company Energywise Systems (PTY) Ltd, under which all energy and water efficiency research and product development has taken place. In 2007 Andrea began experimenting with water saving devices and has over the last few years gained recognition in the domestic and commercial sectors for providing reliable and efficient products. All the testing, research and development Andrea has put into place, has ensured that these products are not only energy and water efficient, but also uncompromising on their performance. In his laboratories he has evolved water dispensing and testing equipment where he has researched and modified showerheads and taps to produce an extensive range of thoroughly tried and tested items. To date, Energywise Systems (PTY) Ltd and Magnet Electrical Supplies (Pty) Ltd are listed on the Eskom IDM website as an authorized supplier of 16 different energy efficient showerheads. Andrea's research in this field continues daily and recently he has successfully completed a project involving 13 Hotels in KZN, in which 214 kW of energy per hour, have been saved, just through fitting efficient shower heads and tap inserts.

The award was presented to Mr Andrea Barrause.

Energy Newcomer of the Year, 2011

This award is given to recognise a newcomer who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in the energy industry in Southern Africa.

This award winning and innovative company has developed an award winning gas saving system for welding which saves as much as 90 of the gas. Optimisation is done by installing Shielding Gas Economisers, measurement though the installation of accurate flow meters and leak detection through the use of ultrasonic leak detection equipment. The financial savings are substantial with payback periods usually less than 6 months and running into millions of Rands per annum. The energy savings are in the order of MW since the amount of energy to produce the gas is more than 60 of the total cost. Additional energy usage is in compression of cylinders as well as handling as and where necessary. Additional benefits to the environment are also substantial as a result of lower energy requirements to produce the gas but also much lower emissions as a result of distributing the gases by road. Less transport means less wear and tear on vehicles as well as less road wear. Kwikot, South Africa's largest manufacturer of hot water heaters (geysers) installed system in June 2010 and reduced their monthly gas consumption from 32 tons to approximately 4 tons resulting in a financial saving in excess of R1.2 million per annum.

Energy Newcomer of the Year, 2011

This award is given to recognise a newcomer, a company or individual, who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in the energy industry in Southern Africa.

ISPS – International Slurry Pump Solutions.

The ISPS team is passionate about doing things a better way and a better way of pumping slurry is well overdue. This passion, together with our collective innovative ability has resulted in the development of an exciting, alternative slurry pumping technology known as Phoenix. Phoenix represents a paradigm shift in the way difficult to pump particulate matter is handled. Phoenix virtually eliminates most of the frequently maintained wet end wear parts used in conventional centrifugal pumping. High flow and high pressure is delivered from a single Phoenix unit, so multiple pumps in series are a thing of the past. Most importantly Phoenix offers substantial energy and water savings at a time where Global pressure on these resources is at an all-time high. Our vision for the future is to offer Phoenix solutions on a Global scale, either as outright sales or as an outsourced pumping service.

Energy Project of the Year, 2011

Recognition is given to energy efficiency projects within the Southern African region that includes aspects of energy management and/or renewable energy installations in the residential, commercial or industrial sectors. Favourable consideration will be given to projects that consider the global environmental crisis and takes cognizance of sustainability. The project's achievements and results must be substantiated on submission of the nomination. Projects must have been completed and been in operation during the past year.

Powertech IST Otokon - Driefontein Compressed Air Project

Powertech IST Otokon completed the Driefontein compressed air project in December 2010 and completed M&V at the end of March 2011. The peak clipping target for this project is 12 MW and it is over performing by 40%. This translates to an avoidance of putting 33 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per day. This takes into account only the contracted savings and not the savings in its entirety.

It combines many disciplines:

• 50 underground valve, instruments and PLC systems
• SCADA system
• Compressed efficiency
• Compressor control
• Compressor master control

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