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SAEE endorsed media

Print and online media publications in the African region that assists the SAEE in disseminating energy efficiency and related information to the region.

Chemical Technology

Chemical Technology is aimed primarily at chemical engineers, as well as at engineers and technologists in various fields including water and waste technology, the food and beverage industry, environmental engineering, petrochemicals, mining and minerals processing and emerging technologies.

SAEE members receive:                     FREE copy of the monthly magazine

                                                                Opportunity to contribute articles

Endorsements:                                     SAIChE and SAEE

Published by:                                        Crown Publications

For editorial contributions:                Glynnis Koch,

For advertising enquiries:                  Brenda Karathanasis, Tel: 011 622 4770  


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Eco-Life Eastern Cape

Eco-View Eastern Cape is a comprehensive corporate and government journal for those who have an active interest in this increasingly meaningful sector. A comprehensive and authoritative publication, encompassing a thorough overview of the primary, secondary and tertiary economic sectors of South Africa, their role in the economy and their collective environmental impact, as well as success stories in the ongoing campaign to reduce the environmental impact of human socio-economic development on our planet.

SAEE members receive:                         FREE copy of the magazine to Eastern Cape SAEE members

Endorsements and representation:     SAEE, Department of Environmental Affairs, Department of Water Affairs, Indalo Yethu

Published by:                                           Eco-Life Media

For editorial contributions:                   Theo Jacobs,

For advertising enquiries:                     Tel: ,

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ESI-Africa distributes information relating to the African electricity and energy industry, delivering news to the continent and beyond. Editorial content includes generation, transmission and distribution issues, while also exploring the role of alternative energy sources in providing a comprehensive and sustainable energy mix.

SAEE members receive:                             FREE copy of the quarterly magazine

Endorsements and representation:        Eskom and the SAEE

Published by:                                              Spintelligent

For editorial contributions:                      Antonio Ruffini,

For advertising enquiries:                        Vuyisa Mfobo, Tel: ,

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Energy Forecast Magazine

Energy Forecast focuses on carbon fuels, nuclear power, alternative energy sources and the efficient use thereof through a comprehensive coverage of exploration, development and innovation on the African continent.

SAEE members receive:                            30% discount on advertising rates

FREE copy of the quarterly magazine

Endorsements and representation:        Energy Forecast is endorsed by the SAEE, SESSA, SAOGA and SAPVIA

Published by:                                              Cape Media

For editorial contributions:                    

For advertising enquiries:                       Kyle Villet, Tel: 021 681 7000, 

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Green Business Guide

The Green Business Guide website provides up-to-date information on the latest news in the energy, environmental and carbon industries with quick searchable information on training, events, standards, jobs in the industry, suppliers and service providers, green projects, downloadable guidelines, discussions papers, case studies, Carbon Copy newsletter and a soon to be released APP for your smartphone to browse on the go.

SAEE members receive:                             Complimentary Carbon Copy newsletter

Endorsements and representation:        SAEE

Published by:                                              Green Business Guide

For editorial contributions:                     Heather McEwan,

For advertising enquiries:                       Heather McEwan Tel: ,

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Leadership Magazine Green Issue

Leadership magazine is one of the oldest and most prestigious magazines in South Africa and aimed at dynamic middle and senior business managers and Directors, entrepreneurs, an influential political class and those who aspire to leadership roles, across all sectors of the economy.

SAEE members receive:                            FREE copy of the June Green Issue magazine

Endorsements and representation:        SAEE

Published by:                                              Cape Media

For editorial contributions:                       Dean Doxey,

For advertising enquiries:                         Vuyisa Mfobo, Tel: ,

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SA Mechanical Engineer

SA Mechanical Engineer is the official publication of the SA Institution of Mechanical Engineering and covers technical information and news on aspects such as power transmission, HVAC, compressors, pumps, valves, hydraulics, motors, steam, turbines, boilers, etc.

SAEE members receive:                            FREE copy of the monthly magazine

Endorsements and representation:        SAIMechE, SAEE, SAPMA, SAVAMA, NSBESA, ICMEESA, SAIT, CESA, SA Institute of Nuclear, Corrosion Institute, SA Institute of Non-Destructive Testing

Published by:                                               Promech

For editorial contributions:                     Susan Custers,

For advertising enquiries:                       Mark Bennett, Tel: 011 781 1403,

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