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Previous Student Scholarships

Past Bursaries

Every year three students are awarded for their hard work through the SAEE Scholarship Programme.  Below is a list of previous scholarship recipients.  

Previous Student Scholarships

Previous Student Scholarships

Brian Ross Saunders

Brian Ross Saunders, 2012

Brian Ross Saunders is a 2nd year student from NMMU studying Bachelors of Architectural Studies.  He achieved an outstanding academic result of 11 distinctions which afforded him ‘The 2010 Student with the Best Overall Performance in the First Year of Study in Bachelor of Architectural Studies’ Award at NMMU.  He believes in continuous learning and constant self-evaluation.

Sheree Anne Marinus

Sheree Anne Marinus, 2012

Sheree Anne Marinus is a student from NMMU studying Bachelors in Architectural Studies.  Her biggest dream is to go out into the townships and create homes for families in a durable and innovative way.

Merishka Sing

Merishka Sing, 2012

Merishka Singh is a student from Durvan University of Technology.  She is completing her practival training this year and will complete her degree in Town and Regional Planning.  Merishka finished her first year with no less than 7 distinctions.  She is wihtout a douvt a worthy candidate of the scholarship.

Lisa Mniki

Lisa Mniki , 2011

Lisa enrolled for her national diploma in Town and Regional Planning in 2009. While studying, she is doing her in-service training and planning consultancy. She has been nominated as the top achiever at her 1st level within the faculty of Built Environment for Town Planning. She is also affiliated with the South African Planning Institute.

In 2009 she finished her 1st semester with 8 distinctions. And while studying this hard, she has been involved in projects with EnviroServ Waste management undertaking investigations, researched and monitored development applications, and conducted land use surveys.

Simon Alger

Simon Alger , 2011

Simon attended Reddam House High School on an academic bursary and after completing matric (with an ‘A’ aggregate) in 2007, enrolled at the University of Cape Town.

He initially studied Business Science for 1 year, after which he transferred to BSC Engineering in Electromech/Mechanical Engineering. He is a firm believer in the social responsibility aspect of engineering and is a member of the UCT chapter of Engineers without Borders (EWB), which is currently involved in a number of projects aimed at uplifting disadvantaged communities, including developing a solar cooker for use in rural areas. He has spent time as an intern at Freeplay Energy, the original creators of the wind-up radio and flash light. Part of his work at Freeplay was to research alternative technologies for portable energy generation. During all the years of studying, Simon has only once NOT received a distinction.

Mr Allan Edward van den Berg

Mr Allan Edward van den Berg, 2010

Allan is a 3rd year Mechatronics Engineering Student at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He is currently the head of the AIESEC Marketing Portfolio, and the vice-president of AIESEC Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU). He has achieved various academic awards, some including the best first year student in Mechatronics, and chosen to represent the NMMU at the national ‘Robotics World Skills’ Competition.

He is actively involved in different curricular activities; NMMU Choir, Golden Key Society, Fund raisings and student volunteering, to name a few. Allan says that he has always had a passion for renewable/green energy, and he feels it’s a crucial field of engineering that needs further development.

Mr Ruan Nel

Mr Ruan Nel , 2010

Ruan is a 2nd year student at the North West University, studying B.Ing Chemical. During secondary education he has received different academic awards including academic honours, Top Achiever and Dux Scholar in Grade 12.

While studying at the North West University he received the award for the top academic achiever in the Male Hostel where he lives, and act as SI Leader at the Faculty of Engineering Professional Practice 1. In March 2010 he is also chosen to be a mathematics marker.

Ruan is of meaning the energy crises in South Africa is a serious concern. He says that the demand has overtaken supply, and not only on the basis of overpopulation, but also as a result of the increase in industrial and technological development.

Mr Jacques Wikus Erasmus

Mr Jacques Wikus Erasmus, 2010

Jacques is a 2nd year student in B.Eng Electrical at the North West University. He matriculated at High School Roodepoort with 6 distinctions.

He is the leader of the 1st year Practical Assignment Team, and a math tutor at Master Maths Northcliff during school holidays. He loves to read and play golf, and his long term goal is to excel in an engineering career.

Jacques is of opinion that because of the current energy crisis in South Africa, energy efficiency has become more essential than ever before. With the focus the crisis has placed on the efficient use of energy, he is confident that South Africa not only be able to navigate successfully out of this crisis but also be able to lessen our impact on the environment with the products and policies that will surely be created out of the necessity to solve this problem.

Ms Leandra Webb

Ms Leandra Webb , 2009

Leandra is a 3rd year BSC degree student at Wits University. She matriculated from Holy Rosary School in Edenvale in 2005 with 7 distinctions, and was the dux scholar of her year. She completed her Biomedical Engineering degree last year, and has now moved on to her 3rd year in Electrical Engineering, so that she can obtain a second degree by the end of the year.

For fun she scuba dive, listen music, play the piano and tutor school and university students.

Mr Tshepo Moatlhodi

Mr Tshepo Moatlhodi , 2009

Tshepo is studing 3rd year Electrical Engineering at Wits. His career goal is to work in the field of Power Electronics and believe that this is the next big revolution in this times that alternative energy sources are of great consideration. In his 2nd year he achieved an average of 70 % and received recognition from the university by appearing in the dean’s list of excellence.

Tshepo says that by receiving this scholarship it will reduce the burden of his student loans and will allow him to focus on his studies rather how they will be paid.

Mr Rowan Ray

Mr Rowan Ray, 2009

Rowan is also a 3rd year electrical student at Wits University. For the previous 3 years he has be in the process of completing his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. Rowan is doing some weekend jobs as floor manager, as well as tutoring for high school students, hockey coaching and cold calling. In Matric he attained academic colors and an academic scholarship.

Rowan has a passion for wildlife, the planet we live on and how humans are obsessed with self betterment and ruining our planet. He says the reckless use of fossil fuels as an energy source has lead to, and will lead to, drastic consequences, in the future.

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