Upcoming Events


Date: 04 May 2016

EnergyNet’s Regional Director for East and Southern Africa Veronica Bolton-Smith commented that ‘regional development is the key to unlocking Africa’s energy investment potential - SAEIS will bring together countries from the SADC region to discuss live infrastructure and energy projects which require investment’.  The Summit will explore some of southern Africa’s success stories, sharing best practices and leveraging the capacity of the private sector in energy and infrastructure development as substantial to achieve the expected results in terms of accessibility and affordability.


Date: 08 November 2016

The SAEE is hosting the 11th Southern African Energy Efficiency Convention (2016SAEEC) on 08 - 09 November 2016, at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa, as an event serving the energy management-, environmental-, facilities building upgrades-, energy engineering-, cogeneration-, power generation-, and efficiency improvement industries.

The SAEEC is a proud chapter of the AEE.